Frequently Asked Questions

1. Z-token RATIO!

The ratio for z-token: 1$ per 10000 z-token or 1 z-token is equal 0.0001$.  

2. How to create sign up offers?

After purchase credit go to advertise panel and then choose paid to sign up offers and click add new advertisement:

3. What are credit and how to spend it?

Credit are virtual coin you purchase it for create offers and pay test user. If you purchase for

- 50 credit you will received 50 Direct referrals. So 1 credit is equal 1 Direct referrals approved

Credit spend is also base on prize:

  • between 500 till 2500 Z-token your cost is 1 credit per one DR
  • between 5000 till 10000 Z-token cost is 2 credit per 1 DR
  • if you wanna give higher value(+10000) per offer you need to be in level 4, create more then 20 offer in the past or be our partner!! You need contact us
4. How many offers can I create per each level and what TYPE of offers you accept!

You can create unlimited offers. You can set daily, monthly or one time offers for your referral. 

When you create DAILY or MONTHLY offers you need add note in your subtitle this is daily/monhly offers. For sign up for just type what offer you create for your user like ads click, offerwall click...

In LEVEL 1 you can create only free offers 

In LEVEL 2 you can create any type of offers purchase or free with support PTC ads and HYIP

In LEVEL 3  or higher you can create any type of offers like casinos, gambling....



5. Can I create offers just for my DR!

Yes of course, we recommend you do this in LEVEL2 or higher, becouse level 1 is base on invited referrals!

When you create offers just for your referrals you need ad note in subtilte that is only for your referrals.

When you create this type of offers we recommend you also create purchase offers like purchase RR, upgrade account and help them that they will  faster reach min amount for payment.

6. How Can I withdraw Z-TOKEN

You can withdraw to your paypal account or zetpay fiat balance, amazon gift card, airbnb gift card or booking giftcard


Z Token is what you earn by doing simple task sign up offers, bring referrals, sharing payment proof, participate in our monthly giveaway rewards.

Z tokens can be converted to any cryptocurrency available on the website, or used for PTC or Banners advertising campaigns.


LEVEL1 is beginner level and have access all users, to acces each higher levels you need to complete x offers to get access to next level! Each level have higher earning offers. 

Level1 is basically for all new invite user by our freelancer

If you are a freelancer and invite in LEVEL 1 25 or DR you can create in higher LEVEL 2 or higher, new offer just for your invited DR like: upgrade account, purchase RR, purchase banner credit on X PTC site you promote or any other extra task to help your DR that they are more active and earn more money and also in this case help you grow your income free if they see that is profitable....



To get borrow if you invest in this website and not received payment we give you 100% borrow back to your account, so you no need to worry about investing we take care of you. We support next websites: All PTC website, faucet and shortlink website that have support ptc ads!!! 

For all other type of website we give you 30% cashback!


You need to be active memebrs in at least LEVEL 3,
register to this website from our review platform by our freelancer task
complete at least 5 CPA offerwall task

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